A Gypsy and a Pirate.
Documenting our travels, photographing it all.
Fountainhead of my art.

B.A. in Sociology, 2011.
Child and Youth Worker Diploma, 2006.

I used to be compelled to expose the truth.  But, isn’t everyone?   Everyone chooses what they see, and now I have chosen to see the beauty and hope.  I also see the injustice, and in injustice is change.  The hope of change and the beauty of making mistakes.

I gave up traditional work 3 years ago and focused on traveling, photographing, and writing.  Art in general.

4 years ago I finally met my counterpart in adventure and crime- and soul mate in life.  The Pirate this Gypsy ran wild with.  Traveling Canada, with our two dogs- Peppi and Roxi- we saw a lot, more than expected and still not enough.  In Canada, there is always more to see!

Coisir Manglam is my art blog.  After becoming a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Grad in 2010- and attempting, many failed times to enter a career- I threw it all away.  Not really, but the idea of becoming something I don’t want to become, just to say I did it; that was thrown away.   2 and a half years later I am obsessed with drawing, painting, taking photos… Painting the photos I take.  My husband is a tattoo artist, I am his photographer and assistant. For the past four years we have traveled around Canada. Visiting the small towns, big towns, cities, and beaches. I have documented it all with thousands and thousands of photos. Some well thought out, some caught from the window, and definitely some missed. And for the missed ones, tales upon tales to tell.  I am writing a book.  My book is about our travels, real.

Find my photos for sale at 500px.com/piratedgypsy/store

See and buy my tshirts on http://www.Zazzle.com/thegypsypirate*

Go take a look at Hightower Tattoos, The reason I was able to travel Canada.



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